Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wow, where does the time go?

It's already October - I certainly did not plan to be away from the blog for such a long absence. Things have been quite busy at Priceless Info Press, running your own business sure does require long days.  TeenBeat Mayhem! is selling well; thanks to everyone who has placed an order.

The typo / corrections will be posted here shortly. I want to make sure no more crop up before listing the handful of changes.  Everyone can make their own corrections by pen in their books.  Those who bought recently (the past three weeks or so) have the most updated corrections.  For those who purchased the book during the summer, the changes found since then will require you to make your own corrections.

The duplicated label scan for the Denims "White Ship" appears as #741 in the Top 1000 label scans.  I've printed out a color label sticker for the correct label "I'm Your Man" by the Denims, which I have been placing over the incorrect scan for recently purchased copies of the book.  If you would like one, please contact me here with your mailing address, and I"ll send a sticker for you to affix in your book:

Just put "label scan" as the subject in the e-mail.  I'll mail one off promptly!

In other TeenBeat Mayhem! related news, I will be a guest on Bill Kelly's long running "Teenage Wasteland" radio show on WFMU this upcoming Sunday, October 14th, at 3PM.  I'll be spinning some cool 45s as featured in the book, along with some new garage 45 discoveries that didn't make it into the book. Plus, I'll be giving away a free copy of the book or two to lucky listeners.  Bill and I will plan out the show beforehand, I'm sure we will just open up the phone lines to call in and win.  so if you'd like a shot at a free copy of TeenBeat Mayhem!, be sure to listen in - you can listen in at:

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