Friday, August 10, 2012

Thanks to everyone who has placed an order through my website - purchases available by mail order (check, money order) or by paypal via the Ugly Things Magazine webstore.  I've been quite busy this past week.  Needless to say, I have not had time to really do anything else, the tending of this blog included.

Sorry that the TeenBeat Mayhem Spins have not been updated in a while.  I do have the next batch ready to go, I just need to find some time to update the text template.

Soon, I will begin listing some oversight errors which appear in TeenBeat Mayhem!  Despite having several sets of eyes proofing the text over the years, some letter /spelling gremlins still managed to elude everyone.  I am hand-correcting every copy which leaves my door - purchasers will note the small paper of offset printer resulting errors affixed to the first page in the book.  Also, inside the discography, I hand-corrected a few print oversights.  This takes time prior to processing each order, but I wanted to fix those before the books hit the streets.

Other than that, I do hope everyone is enjoying the book.  There is a lot of information, a lot to discuss, banter about...and another book eventually forthcoming from priceless info press!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thanks to everyone who sent payment for a pre-order (you were invited to do so if you are a member of the G45 forum, or one of my personal friends).  Everyone should receive their copies of the book by early next week, as I am a 1-man operation.

Now, here is the information for everyone else 'round the globe who wants to order:

I know you are eager to buy a copy, but 90% of you want to pay with paypal. I myself cannot take paypal on my website, due to their new policy of holding money for 90 days or more for "new" sellers, or new sellers with a lot of activity (payments).
 So, I have worked out a sale deal with another website - the link on my ordering page will be noted for all who want to pay by paypal, and the link will send you to that webstore - one most of you should already be familiar with ( a stellar reputation, so no worries).  In order to have paypal work properly, the shopping cart on his webpage must be configured for sales of TeenBeat Mayhem, with exact shipping charges.  I had no idea of exact weights for overseas shipping parcels until a few days ago, when the books arrived , and I could then test different packaging methods.  I want your books to arrive in the same, perfect condition as they are when I ship them out!

The ordering page has been configured, all set to take orders now!!

The Sounds Of 1960's Teenage America, as captured within my book, TeenBeat Mayhem!

Here you'll find all the latest news and updates on the book, plus examples of how it has evolved during the course of 20 years of work! And, a cool 45 or two as well, time permitting. Stay tuned!