Friday, July 27, 2012

Today, I received the very first copy of TeenBeat Mayhem!, directly from the book manufacturer.
It looks fantastic!  

I'll present a more "display appropriate" photograph shortly once I stage an appropriate shot.  So much to do between now, and when the full shipment of books arrive - 6 skids worth.
I will make an official announcement as soon as the books arrive as to how everyone may order a copy of the book. 
Just so you know beforehand: TeenBeat Mayhem! can only be purchased directly from me.  There are no copies going to wholesale outlets like Amazon, no distributors are reselling the book, no kindle or e-reader downloads - you gotta get this book the old fashioned way - by direct purchase! 
The book will be available for purchase via my own publishing company.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Mike Markesich,

I was wondering when can we pre-order this book ? and where ?

Please let me know email :

Best regards

Paris, France

MopTopMike said...

go here:

The ordering page is not quite ready yet to be uploaded (paypal orders are going to link to a different website, not mine, to order the book by paypal payments. THeir shopping cart must be set up to accept payments for my book, with the correct shipping charges as well for overseas (non USA) customers.
I am also taking mail order payments if people want to mail a check or money order in the USA; overseas, the check must be drawn on a US bank, in US $$
The ordering page should be uploaded / ready by Sunday Aug 5th!

otto kongress said...

Just to let you know, I sent a copy of the PDF & cover of your book to the likes of Little Steven, other DJs & Press from my own list & personal friends to spread the word. I am, Otto von Ruggins, Master of the Unheard Øf - as such, I felt obligated to be the first to make these contacts aware of your tremendous tome. Best of success. That said, I was hoping to hear from you regarding my inquiry about that song Terry Knight played back in 1964, though I have a gut feeling that he may have been focused more on British invasion music, other than local Detroit area sounds, such as 'The Man In The Glass' by The Underdogs, one of my faves from back then. If you have any info or don't know what I am referring to, as I posted the query last week, apparently on another linked site, as I don't see it here, contact me @ - Thanks!

The Sounds Of 1960's Teenage America, as captured within my book, TeenBeat Mayhem!

Here you'll find all the latest news and updates on the book, plus examples of how it has evolved during the course of 20 years of work! And, a cool 45 or two as well, time permitting. Stay tuned!