Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spins from TeenBeat Mayhem!

New 45s are ready 
Have a look, and enjoy:

TeenBeat Mayhem! Spins

Back in 2003/2004 (pre Youtube and ubiquitous "blogs are everywhere" period), I ran a weekly feature on the net where I would upload obscure 45s from my collection.  In those days, I still had an old, slow PC and a dial-up connection, so I was limited from the git-go, besides having so little time to update and continue my web page, called "MopTopSpins". I kept at it for almost 10 months, before abandoning the page in lieu of work required for the book.

Well, with the resurrection of my TeenBeat Mayhem! blog, I thought, "Why not bring the Spins on back?"  Yeah, it seems that most people would rather goof around with Youtube nowadays, but I know there are coolsters out in 'netville who kinda like the old fashioned method of viewing a web page, and downloading the songs.  So, TeenBeat Mayhem! Spins will feature 45s that are listed in the book itself, to be uploaded for all whenever I have some time to update. 

Spins From TeenBeat Mayhem! will not appear on this main blog area - you'll have to follow the link to load the page. The reason I'm operating this way is that I do not intend to keep the label scans and the mp3s up indefinitely - they will all be removed after a short period of time, a week or so.  In addition, the scans and the mp3s were created on the lower end of the quality scale in order to potentially thwart any theft/stealing for other's self-serving purposes.  Thus, if you are someone who expects dynamic, flac file quality coupled with 300 dpi label scans, well, expect to be disappointed.  Please excuse the "old school" design appearance of the Spins page - I simply don't have time to dust off and re-learn .css & xml code.  Besides, I had a template html coding still on the PC from 2004.  It's quick and easy, gets the job done. So, that's why the page has that look.  Well, I like it!

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