Thursday, May 24, 2012

TeenBeat Mayhem! is quickly approaching....

Ever since I began work on this project, people located all over the world have been asking questions, wondering WHEN will the book be ready...well, the LONG wait is just about over!
A reference bible, to be published by Priceless Info Press, for all things concerning the topic of a rock & roll sub-genre tagged as '60s Garage'

Playing in a rock & roll combo as a teenager during the '60s was the coolest fad around. Just ask anyone who was a teenager at that time.  A proper, accurate account of this era has finally arrived, a 20 years in the making project that will soon be available.  A hard cover edition, 400 pages chock full of information housed inside a cool, era-evocative high school yearbook design.  Nope, no flimsy soft-cover or hair-thin inner pages that will fall out after 20 minutes.  This is a book you can and will refer to, again and again.

The book commences, after kudos and tributes with a historical, time-line based recounting as things unfolded throughout the USA from then, right up to today. The chapter is sprinkled throughout with personal reflections and accounts as the story unfolds, from the folks who made it all happen.  All sourced from personal interviews and contacts I have made, dating back to the early 1980s, when I did so for fun and personal curiosity - long before the idea of a book came to be.

TeenBeat Mayhem's features:

A massive, 228 page detailed 45rpm discography from A to Z, with late additions following, noting relevant releases which have that 'then in-vogue, '60s teenbeat sound. The group location / home town is noted as verified, or unverified; each listed 45 includes the month and year of release; any noteworthy facts and relevant cross references are noted.  All this detail, coupled with our exclusive Garage-O-Meter rating system rankings, noting the song "quality, (i.e, how "good" it is from a fan and collector standpoint) from 1 on up to a perfect 10, as determined by consensus votes from a hand-picked record cabinet panel of contributors.  And if that isn't enough, each song title is tagged by song "descriptions", so that anyone can have an idea as to what each song sounds like via a style or resemblance to another performer/group/song;

A song title index listing well over 17,000 titles;

Cool photos of teen combos, nearly all never seen/ published elsewhere;

A methodology discussing the construction of the discography portion of the book;

Other nifty features, such as the first recorded '60s efforts on 45s from later day worldwide recording stars and performers, handy guides to help identify bootleg and reissue 45rpm "garage" pressings; worthy references and on-line resources, a chapter finally answering, in an accurate and logical manner, what the term "garage" really identifies...

And the visual showpiece:  The all-time, Top 1000 USA "Garage" songs, as tabulated from the Garage-O-Meter ranking votes are counted down from #1000 to #1 depicted not in a text listing, but via full color record label scans. Followed-up by several color pages of picture sleeves and jackets - 64 full color pages in all.

Latest news -The book is going to press mid June, 2012.  Yes, it is DONE!  More details to be noted soon.  Forthcoming blog posts will tell the story of how the entire project came to be, with early examples.  I hope the story of how TeenBeat Mayhem! has evolved through trial and error will be an enjoyable read for anyone who might be interested.

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The Sounds Of 1960's Teenage America, as captured within my book, TeenBeat Mayhem!

Here you'll find all the latest news and updates on the book, plus examples of how it has evolved during the course of 20 years of work! And, a cool 45 or two as well, time permitting. Stay tuned!